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“These facilitated interactions contribute to our organization’s culture of continuing to evolve sales strategies to adapt to the modern buyer. Incorporating a social impact in the buying process is an evolution that is here to stay.”

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The Influence Board:

"We create a win-win-win by helping facilitate meaningful interactions that fund worthy causes."
–Jay Allen, Founder of The Influence Board

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About us - The influence board

Who We Are

The Influence Board is a platform designed by top executives of major companies as a way to offer 1-hour for a "pre-qualified" meeting in return for a meaningful donation to charity.

The Influence Board has thousands of high-level executives reviewing and accepting relevant meeting requests to support charity!

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What We Do

We help solve the cold-calling problem by filtering meeting requests for relevancy, while empowering you to increase your philanthropic capacity.

Meeting requestors happily fund your charitable causes for an hour of your time!

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